Candy Corn Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

Where will you carry the wonders you cook this season? A crochet casserole carrier like this one by Keke Grace is such an awesome option for Thanksgiving and Christmas time, right? It will make family celebrations so much easier to prepare! Designed by: Keke Grace The original pattern and the photos are available on Yarnsociety here. More info on… Read More »

Curious Raccoon Costume Free Knitting Pattern

This baby raccoon is bound to steal every heart in an instant! It is a special superpower, believe us! We bet your little ones will feel and look absolutely lovely in this animal costume designed by the one and only Amanda Saladin. Her knitting patterns for baby costumes are out of this world, evidently! Designed… Read More »

Casserole Carrier Free Crochet Pattern

We hope you will fall in love with this simple but genius idea! We certainly did! This awesome pattern for a crochet casserole carrier will surely be a piece of cake even for beginners. Choose your favorite colors and get on with it! Yarnspirations will guide you! Designed by: Yarnspirations The original pattern and the photos… Read More »

Baby Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

What a charming peach shade! It is such an awesome color for nurseries, baby accessories, and clothes, isn’t it? Surely! Who said one has to stick to the traditional pink and blue, right? Follow the instructions of Katerina Mushyn to make this lovely knitted scarf! Designed by: : Katerina Mushyn The original pattern and the photos… Read More »

T-shirt Yarn Rug Free Crochet Pattern

This is a perfectly simple, adorable rug for all of you who are just starting their adventure with crocheting. If you want to create something colorful and big, go for a circular rug like this one from Mollie Makes. Will you stick with these lovely colors? Designed by:  Mollie Makes The original pattern and the… Read More »

Ribbon Owl Rug Free Crochet Pattern

This is so simple and so cute at the same time! If you are a fan of the timeless owl motif, you certainly need this pattern by Tine Sommer Hansen in your library. You can modify sizes, play with colors, and crochet different accessories for the home. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Level: upper beginner Author: Tine… Read More »

Sunblast Free Crochet Pattern

This sunny mandala is made with basic stitches. With this crochet wonder from DROPS Design in your house, you will surely feel like it’s summer all year round. Working with t-shirt yarn can be a bit tricky, but it’s worth your time and effort, without a doubt! Level: upper beginner Author: DROPS design The original pattern and the… Read More »

Gorgeous Mandala Floor Rug

This easy Marinke Slump`s mandala can become your new favorite rug! It has nice openwork and lovely edging, but it still remains quite simple to make. If you have some experience with mandalas already, it will be easy as pie for you, without a doubt! Level: upper beginner Author: Marinke Slump The original pattern is available on Envato here. More… Read More »

Camping in Cornwall Rug

A lovely new rug, anyone? We would all certainly want one on our floors this season! The mandala-based design by Dedri Uys is so decorative and simply vibrating with spring charm. If you want to make something beautiful, here is the pattern you need! Level: upper beginner Author: Dedri Uys The original pattern and the photos are… Read More »

Elf Christmas Wreath Crochet Patterns

Christmas wreath to hang at the door of your home and receive your guests with the Christmas spirit that deserves. This adorable elf wreath will look perfect on any doors. These Elf Christmas Wreath Crochet Patterns will give you a product you can enjoy for many years. These crochet wreaths can also make great homemade… Read More »